Water Well Construction PROJECT

 Domestic water well drilling in skagit county.    

Geothermal R&D PROJECT

This skagit county drilling project's completion will be used:

*  to heat a 50' x 80' building,

*  for HTG (Heat Gradient Testing),

*  for geophysical monoriting:  

      2 dimensional electrical resistivity testing,

*  to improve the thermal conductivity test methods, and

*  to help reduce costs for ground source heat pump systems, and 

*  processes used on this hole may help us better locate drill sites

   for future geothermal power. 

Geophysics Testing PROJECT

We work closely with a professional geophysicist who provides investigations of the subsurface geology using globaly accepted geophysical methods.  These methods detect properties of formations that would likely maintain water and distinguish from those that form water barriers.  Geophysical methods do not replace drilling, but utilizing these tools minimizes the risk of a dry well and extra drilling, while at the same time verifying driller findings.


Please contact us with any questions if interested in a geophysics study.